Winter Scarf

Silk is more than just extravagance. You have to own a piece of the fabric to witness the magic of keeping you cool during summer and warm during winter! Behind the sheen are the natural fibers that are so tightly knit to trap heat next to your skin. The glossy threads are breathable letting out sweat and moisture to keep you dry.  

Then, why let your silk scarves hibernate in the wardrobe during winter? Are you afraid that your beautiful scarf will be hidden under the layers? Flaunt it by tying it around your wrist or the front loop of your jeans, or wrapping it around your neck. 

Can’t find the silk scarf that grabs enough attention? Turn galore of heads with Cult Luxury’s winter silk scarves that are exquisitely hand-designed and depict bits of propaganda from the 1940s to 1960s. Made of a right blend of silk and modal, they provide the perfect warmth and insulation against the cold. Even if you are wearing woollen shawls, wear our winter silk scarves under the layers as they feel great on the skin! 

What’s more, they feature a blend of lively colours that will easily pair with your winter jackets. Incorporate the scarf into your ensemble and forge an irresistible look with Cult Luxury’s winter silk scarves

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