BTS 2020/21 Pocket Squares Collection 1: Clicquot + Cupcakes – Cult Luxury

Its an unseasonably warm February afternoon when I meet up with Liam Mojique Legault, Cult Luxury’s creative director, as he is in the works of the shoot to launch his 2020 spring campaign. A photoshoot in the most unlikeliest of settings, a cramped petal and leaf strewn back room of a florist shop.

Flower store

On the florist bench , he arranges silk squares into pocket origamis. Vibrantly printed with his own designs. His paintings, collage and graffiti work all realized in rich pigments and natural silks and linens.

Silk Pocket square

As the models arrive, the air in the room becomes electric with excitement. One by one, Liam goes over their outfits and carefully places each luxury square into their breast pockets. The final look is graceful without being contrived. Cool, but without trying too hard.

Silk pocket square

He sets the tone of the photo shoot by conveying to the models the brand's ethos: luxury, boldness, confidence, fearlessly owning your power and occupying your space. Camera in hand, he directs them into different poses.

Men’s model wearing silk pocket square

With laser focus , he captures the look of the moment without a moment loss on extraneous shots. He knows what he wants and he knows how achieve it effectively.

Women’s silk pocket square
Silk pocket fold
Men’s silk pocket square

Liam's art work is a study in contractions, a mesmerizing juxtaposition of beauty and chaos. Disparate elements from different eras such as news clippings, propaganda, pinup girls, fragments of classical art, photographs, flowers vintage fonts, graffiti and brush strokes all laid out with the bravura of an abstract expressionist.

Silk pocket square
Silk pocket square
Silk pocket square

It would be easy to call it slapdash, but there's a certain controlled quality to it. It requires great discipline and skill to harness chaos that is interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

With such a propensity for contradiction, it is no wonder he chose a cramped florist workshop for a shoot. It all makes sense now! Against the grungy industry and banality of the everyday , the beauty and vitality of luxury shines brightly!

As the shoot winds to and end, rosy hued cupcakes come out. And, champagne iced in pop-art champagne bucket. A chicken bucket rasmatazzed with Liam's magic... the red and white stripes interspersed with flowers and 50s pinup girls. Everyone cheers as the bubbly elixir is poured into red Solo cups! Such cheeky irreverence!

Women’s silk pocket square

The refreshments peak the models' interest , no doubt a welcomed reprieve from the afternoon's labours. Masaab , one of the models eats a cupcake with boyish gusto. No talking , but only the sounds of gustatory enjoyment!

Silk pocket square
Pocket square
Silk pocket square

And that's a wrap.