Large Silk Scarf

Large Silk Scarf


Cult Luxury’s large silk scarves exude intense passion and indulgence in every thread. 

If you are looking for a refreshing twist in your look, look no further than the scarves hand-designed by our artist Liam Mojique Legault. Each print featured on our large silk scarves is hand-designed by the artist and transformed into a stunning scarf that will make you the centre of attention anywhere you go.

Wrap yourself in an irresistibly comfortable and large silk scarf made of 100% silk twill. Let the fabric flow down your arms; indulge yourself in excessive freedom to wear what you want to wear. Just throw it over yourself and let the scarf speak your style statement. 

If you don’t want the scarf to bury your beautiful curves, cinch the designer scarf with a slim belt. Go crazy and experiment with a ton of knots and styles. It is completely up to you to overwhelm your outfit with the scarf or wear it as an accessory!

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