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Cult Luxury | Canada’s Luxury

100% Silk Scarves

Cult Luxury | Canada’s Luxury

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Cult Luxury | Canada’s Luxury

Designed in Canada

Welcome to Cult Luxury!

Where wild creativity meets indulgence

Nothing beats the feeling of running your fingers through the queen of luxury fabric. Is it the buttery feel against the skin? Is it the sheen that radiates through the fibres?  The luxury factor or because it takes a village to make it? Whatever it is, the pride in owning just a small piece of this dear fabric, like a silk scarf or a pocket square, is beyond price.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the heart.”  - Oscar de la Renta

Cult Luxury’s designer silk scarves are a wearable work of art. We put an avant-garde twist on the stunning prints to elevate silk scarves from being extravagant wardrobe staples. For us, extravagance is ordinary!

The prints are hand-designed and digitally printed on 100% silk, The edges are perfectly finished, and the scarves are boxed with care for you. These one-of-a-kind pure silk scarves designed by our artist trigger an extraordinary connection between wild imagination and representation of Life from the 1940s to ’60s. Each collage on the silk scarves has a story to tell, and there’s beauty to find even in the chaotic ones!

Browse through our collection. If any of our scarves speak to you, don’t let them go. Let Cult Luxury’s silk scarves be an extension of your unique personality.