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      CL's debut runway show "FVCK GLAMOUR'' highlights the impact of our youths' mental health being damaged by ‘unattainable’ body images in the online world. 

      To celebrate this occasion CL is releasing a limited edition capsule of “FVCK GLAMOUR” Heavyweight Tee Shirts.

      "Although CL exists in the glamour industry, we are well aware of the impacts that fashion has on our most inspired and creative future generations. The impact of social media has made anything less than perfection, in an imperfect world, unacceptable. CL wishes to state very loudly that everyone should be accepted, feel loved and beautiful in their own skin. 

      The results of a recent study by the @YMCA with over 1,000 young people aged between 11 to 16 years of age showed that the "Ideals of physical perfection were said to be driven by celebrity culture, with 58% identifying social media as their main influence".

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