Liam Mojique Legault is an artist and entrepreneur originally hailing from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He has created and exhibited his bold, often chaotic works throughout Canada, the U.S., and Europe, from small towns to cultural meccas like Los Angeles, London, and Paris. Initially a graffiti artist, his style draws inspiration from street art, pop art, and abstraction, including hard edge painting and gestural mark making, with compositions that are clashing and random yet utterly intentional—and perfectly balanced. Legault's most recent endeavor is a foray into textiles, primarily the creation of fresh, bolder-than-ever abstract designs printed on Mulberry silk accessories for his brand Cult Luxury. These designs are inspired by and formed from deconstructed bits of World War II propaganda, newsprint, and Vogue editorials from the 1940's to 1960's, as well as ink, acrylic, spray paint, and other mixed media. With connotations of rebellion, revolution, and luxury, the artist's newest pieces reflect even more perfectly his unorthodox techniques and far-from-traditional worldview. A profound exploration of the dichotomy between disorder and harmony defines his body of work. This dichotomy extends, too, into Legault himself, considering his manic creativity and serious business savvy. When asked about his process, he describes himself as both obsessive and methodical. 


What is Cult Luxury?

Cult. The creative process begins with obsession. It is with a mad kind of devotion that our silks are designed, crafted, and packaged. We seek to embrace delirious love, unity and rebellion, the freedom to be who you want.  


Luxury. This is a lifestyle, a willingness to indulge in the exquisite and to be unapologetically astounding. Our silks are made with exceptional care using only the highest quality materials. Unique, vibrant, beautifully wild and perfectly intentional, these pieces are made for you.

This is more than fashion. This is more than art. This is Cult Luxury.