Cult Luxury & Harper's Bazaar Unveils Captivating Editorial Campaign

Luxury silk scarves

Cult Luxury and Harper's Bazaar are proud to present an exquisite editorial campaign shot by the talented photographer Cristian Paez, featuring our exclusive Hollywood Hills and Yellow Skull Shawl. Paez's artistic vision has brought these luxury silk scarves and shawls to life, creating a breathtaking visual narrative that captures the essence of opulence and intrigue.

Floral silk scarf

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship and details of our Hollywood Hills Shawl, a true embodiment of luxury that will transport you to the captivating world of Cult Luxury. Or dare to push the boundaries of fashion with our Yellow Skull Shawl, a daring and avant-garde piece that commands attention with its unique design.

Yellow silk skull

Experience the magic of Cristian Paez's photography in Harper's Bazaar and discover the allure of our cult luxury silk scarves and shawls. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses and exclusive insights. 

“Hollywood Hills” Silk Scarf

Luxury silk accessories

“Hollywood Hills" pays tribute to the wild, bold and chaotic designs from CL’s first release.  This high spirited and energetic piece dances with colour and form. Originally hand painted, this artwork utilizes newsprint and collage along with acrylic paint, india ink, and spray paint before being reproduced on silk twill. 

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Yellow Skull Shawl 

Yellow silk shawl

The Yellow Skulls Shawl " features artwork from 1958 horror-thriller "Screaming Skull", broken up and reimagined through the contemporary lens of Cult Luxury's signature chaotic-collage style. The original artwork for this print consists of a yellow spray-painted base overlaid with bright pink brushstrokes, the visceral texture and occasional cloud-like blending coming through on the fabric. With the "screaming skull" itself centered on a rich swathe of cheetah print, surrounded by secretive details and the bold Cult Luxury border in white, this shawl-sized scarf is bolder and more nuanced than you can imagine.

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To read the Harper's Bazaar article, "Shining in Cult Luxury", click the link below.